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About Us

Gymaster International Joint Stock Company is an importer, distributor and professional GYM operator with over 10 years of experience importing and exporting personal care and home appliances, equipment of leading brands from the US, Europe, South Korea,… We are currently the exclusive distributor of well-known brands, such as: UFC, Tiger Sport, Spirit, Relax MND, Inbody. Gymaster International Joint Stock Company is an invested pioneer in the field of consulting, providing exclusive Gym equipment and setting up gyms with full service from A to Z in Vietnam. At Gymaster, we are not only accompanying but also sharing to our dearest customers notable business and gym models proven through the success of the Fitness & Yoga building we have built and operated.

Gymaster Center- Fitness & Yoga is a five-star professional gym complex that provides a comprehensive fitness and health care services, including: Gym, Kickboxing, GroupX along with Yoga, Sauna, Jacuzzi and spa. This center is also a Gym complex model for investors to refer to and acquire notable information, skills from in order to operate their gym professionally.

Gymaster Academy collaborates with Vietnam Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Federation (VBWF) to design and provide Personal Training (PT) training programs. A nationally valid Federation’s Certificate will be given upon completion of the program. Moreover, the academy also offers training and retraining programs for investors in order to run a smooth and professional Gym operation.


Commitment- Companionship- Accountability- Quality


Gymaster is a leading regional corporation specializing in supplying smart products, innovative business models in the fields of healthcare and sports equipment, setting a high standard of bringing customers a comprehensive satisfying experience.

Sứ Mệnh

  • Bringing experiences beyond expectations to our customers through our “client-centric” customer service
  • Providing lean and efficient business models to our strategic partners
  • Establishing a professional working environment and a prosperous life to our employees
  • Delivering beneficial values to the society for a healthier and happier community


Trọn gói dịch vụ – Trọn tâm tư vấn


Insight- Happiness- Dedication

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Specializing in developing top quality equipment with designs that evoke a sharp sense of strength and power, fitting with American standards.

Promoting MMA-Mixed Martial Arts- a world-renowned sport A highly reputable brand with products emphasizing impeccable features and a touch of sophistication

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The No.1 brand from Europe, specializing in designing and developing fitness products for business and family with a simple goal of bringing customers the safest and highest quality equipment to meet their training standard.

Spirit Fitness was established in 1983 and has been working consistently for over 30 years.

Distributing in over 70 countries in the world.

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tigersport premium

TigerSport Premium Specializing in developing professional and high quality equipment

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TigerSport Specializing in developing professional and standard equipment 

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With the mission of bringing a healthy and joyful life, BUHEUNG KOREA pioneers in studying and developing smart therapeutic equipment which concentrates on personal health care and wellness. In Vietnam, BUHEUNG KOREA is exclusively partnered with GYMASTER. BUHEUNG products are currently supplied in most shopping centers and electronics supermarkets, such as: Vincom, Aeon, Picom, Nguyen Kim, Thien Hoa, Lotte,…

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